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Broke A$$ x Sara Amanda.

Salam everyone! 

I'm really tired today. It such a hectic week for me after 1st examination for this semester. HAHA I thought I can really enjoy it but, nah. 

Actually Sara dah lama ajak keluar, but I am so lazy to move my ass and I am broke as fuck so how can I go out with her but then today I feel like I want to throwing out my money all to the not-so-unnecessary things. 

Kalau bab-bab shopping kan, I AM SO SUCKs! I tak boleh manage my own money pastu tengah bulan nangis makan maggi. LOL whatever, forget that. I'll forget it anyways. 

So today firstly we lepak at Cyberjaya, which is my first time pergi Shaftsbury. Not bad. Just I am so AWKWARD. Cam biasalah I kan standoffish. lel

Pukul 6pm we went to D'pulze pulak sebab nak makan malam. Mula-mula plan nak tengok wayang or main bowling. But then we went there for dinner at Boat Noodle. For me, agak wasted la kan makan mee sikit tapi sedap :'( 

Pastu we went to YUBISO which is ada banyak cute stuffs there and Sara bought 2 items there.
Then, pergi Daiso. Daiso we spend RM15 (tak termasuk GST). 


We went to, STARBUCKS

Mula-mula I ajak Sara tengok tumblr sebab I wajib tengok that section first before proceed nak beli air atau tak. Sebab I aimed for this one starbucks tumblr................ kalau dengan Ammar, he'll NEVER allow me to buy that. 

Pastu dia punya waiter approached us and told us about the 30% OFFER on SELECTED TUMBLRS! which is WOW. 

So, kiteorang beli lah sebab bila lagi weh nak promo kan. 1 tumblr tu harga asal buat aku tayah fikir nak beli ke tak, memang takkan beli ;') 

Nah, this is us, happy faces with broke purse ;')

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