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What a Bad Start for Monday.

Assalamualaikum & good morning guys..................

I am so fucking SAD.....................

Pagi tadi, takde lah rush mana nak pergi kelas, tetiba I dropped my phone sebab I charge my phone with powerbank pastu nak simpan powerbank dalam beg and suddenly, phone terjatuh and I feel like dia drop slowly je. Takde lah crashed or jatuh secara menghentam. 


The result, I can't even see any display on the screen. Bunyi je ada. I tried to solve this problem during Critical Thinking's class but unfortunately, I was fucking miserable but still positive. 

Finally, I took my phone to one shop at my university yang boleh repair but the fuck is I must wait until tomorrow so he can tell me about my phone condition & price and whether I want to proceed or not. After that, I must wait one or two days after it fully okay. 

But, please lah jangan mahal woi duit asasi tak masuk lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry sebab this entry was fully rojak or bilingual. I am so mad and frustrated!!!!!!!


Kan dah cakap pergi hantar repair, you know how much I must pay for this?
RM185 which is give me a HEART-ATTACK and headache. 
Oh Allah, why this thing happen to me when I need em so much :'(.........

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