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Yesterday's Damage!

Assalamualaikum semua! 

As I can say, this week was a hectic week for me so far. I though I can really have some rest and bed reunite but hell no, I've something else to do. But, it was a last minute call so I'm so tired but at least I could managed all my plans before everything started. 

However, I'm more happier than ever because finally I fulfilled my own desire for having an Instax Camera! 

I've went through all the difficult decisions, asked him and her and last minute cancel plan, but then tomorrow catch it back, and bla bla bla. 

So, after all the pros & contras I choose to .............. have it anyway... Sometimes might be wasted but sometimes might be fun to discover the new things. 

I went to Digital Mall and did some surveys but it was easy for me because there were just a few shops that sell this type of camera. So, what you need to do is just keep your eyes on every details of the mall and ask them the price, compare and decide! EASY STEPS! 

I went about 3 shops that day and mostly they sell one set RM400 and above. I'm looking for the best and the worth price around RM300 something. Before this, I've been survey at Sunway Piramid and one set you can get at RM398. All the shops having the same RM398 price and it was hella expensive. 

So, here finally I managed to found a shop that sell this one box Fujifilm Instax Camera Mini 8 in the very not so best price but still OKAY. The owner was a Chinese 'old' cute man, he's good and warm. He makes me feel like I no need to bargain anymore. HAHAHA! What a charm. 

Oh, btw here at Digital Mall, the one box set is LIMITED so all shops basically just have one more stock, last or maybe no more so I guess I'm the lucky one. I don't know what color I should get for myself. Basically, I love black but that black looks so lame and normal. Pink? Urm, A BIG NO. And I choose SOFT BLUE or pastel blue whatsoever people called it. 

yeah, here my new baby blue.

so here is one full set box that I wanted so much. Normally it was RM398 or RM400 something but I got this only RM370. Not so cheap but OK lah. 

In this one full set box, I got : 
-one box of Instax Mini 8
-2 double A batteries, 
-some bubble wrap plastics (no bother)
-twin pack film credit card size. If you want to purchase the film only, they only RM55 for twin pack. 
-one pink bag -_- because the original camera for this box was Pink, I just takeout the pink camera with the blue one. LOL
-one photobook
-2 stickers whatsoever
-2 makers.

Have shoot one photo with my siblings but too bad its FUNNY! Never mind, next time. 

At least I've a reason for not get so attach towards it because I already starts em, school or whatever I don't want to talk about it tooooooo earlier. 
So, see you next entry if you are lucky enough to see my very first polaroid or instax photo. Eh, polaroid kah? 

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