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Last Day as a Senior & School Student

assalamualaikum y'all & salam jumaat!

as I promised before, I wanted to tell about my last day as a school senior. 
to be honest, nothing at all, just some story about my school and class pictures. NO HATE anymore, I guess.

my school didn't held any graduation ceremony :( which I guess all of Form 5 students are waiting for it. but, at first, I ain't one of them. complaining about this but after I saw other school graduation day's pictures, I realized, how wonderful to wearing that "graduation robe". LOL


all my classmates say sorry............
I DON'T know how to reacted that time, I FEEL so emotionless , speechless. 
they crying. I can't even speak a word. I just went to say sorry to my fellow fellas at 5 Anggerik and some of my classmates who's always help me in the class when I need their help. Thank you so much. 

we just having Majlis Restu which is I know all the teachers will giving us motivation speech and all of us must say sorry to all the teachers before SPM. 

and, our school principal gave us some motivation speech & she suddenly asked Nabila Roslee to go infront to gave some study tips. that time, I just thinking, how good if she mention my name too. 
then, she continued with her speech & suddenly she called out my name. just like Nabila, she asked me the same question & what did I do in examination. 
frankly, I am terribly awkward :( but, I appreciate her for labelled me as one of our school best student. LOL ;)

and all teachers hugging me & wishing "good luck, syahirah. straight A's."

and I know, not all students got the same wish just like I got. I know cause I heard. but, they all just same like me. 

my target for SPM? not straight A's for sure because I know my weakness :)

here, some pictures of mine. 
so sad, either I feel so fucking fab didn't join any of them taking wefie or they didn't want to include me in their memories ;) chill x

wee 5 Bakawali in memory 2014-2015!

syahirah x sarvinder kaur

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