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The only thing you'll be sorry in the future is to do things without a purpose. Be rich, not only on numbers but focus more on experiences. Be strong, to know that failures are the keys to success. Be kind, it's our responsibility to build a better world. Be thankful, and you'll find happiness in little things. Greater things are waiting ahead, all you need is to believe, look forward and stay positive.

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new chapter in September ♡

assalamualaikum semua (;

woaaa, its already September 2014! time flies (; but I still didn't change. maybe a bit but still the old me. 
exam already ended a long time ago and satu per satu kertas exam dah dapat markahnya. 
guess what, for the first time I PASS in addmath. WOW, impress me. I hope this kind of miracle will happen again for the next big examination!!! my result for this UK2 such a up and down. some really hit me in could nine, and some just otherwise. whatever, I am gratefull for what I've get and alhamdulillah ;)) it such a pleasure to try again since I got no FAILed this time compared to my result before, I failed in math and addmath. jeezzzz, I'm so scared to the death when I think about SPM is just around my life. 

my future really depends on it...

there's a lot of things happen back then.

I'm so glad that classmates build such a new bond. which makes us more matured. greet each other. congratulation to each other and care less for each other. I didn't scared to study with my new classmates anymore, didn't feel troublesome and didn't feel isolated anymore. what I feel right now is a happy feeling and thankful lingering my soul. I really hope this such of bond will never end up even something may happen in future. no one will know but at least we know how to act if something happen. please show more love and never fight again for SPM's sake!!!

actually, I never made friend from another religion tbh. It's really hard to understand each other and I am not a talkative person. also there's like 0.001% you got chance to be friend with another religion at my school. like they have their own mate. like us do. but this year, I really close with Varisya, my Indian friend. my classmates from form 2,4 and 5. she's really kind. since all of her friend at Science class, same like me.... so from that we little by little become closer. there's one thing that make our friendship become more closer and cheerful. It was because we both speak in both language; Malay-English and I feel really confident when she understand what I've tried to speak up in english. yaa, sometime my grammar is so sucks and so she is. we both didn't like swearing and cursing but once we did, it such a mess. LOL lucky our english teacher didn't care at all since she's to busy with other students. we always talked about our religion and how it was going on and what we can and cannot. its really amazingly to learnt something new. WOW, I already know her about 3 years ago but never feel so close like this. She's also an understanding and smile a lot. but we're not a type of close friend that texting each other or shared secrets. we didn;t go that far yet. she also told me that her sister also had a friend who;s looked exactly like me and her name also...SYAHIRAH. what a coincidence, huh? I hope we'll get to know each other more! ♡

I also made out with another friend from another religion. She's Laura, an Iban girl. at first I didn't even what to know who is she and how is she. I can't remember what exactly made us so close like this but this is really more than happiness to know her. we got more closer when our teacher choose us to go on trip at Terengganu and she really take a good care on me. she's such a pure, a swimmer and innocent. sometimes I just don't get her because she's expressionless and it makes me depressed to make her understand what actually I feel. what she know and always do is calm down and tell me there's nothing bad going happen and she always be right beside me. she also a "tak ambil port" people. she's easy going and I love her (; cheesy isn't ???

so, this is what we called happiness? if yes, it really was. 

oh yeah, beside of my basis life, I also have another part of me. I am still a hardcore kpopper. Sehun is my new bias wreaker and he did. EXO 90:2014 really daebak and I love all of them!!! uh, Sehun is really hot and he got more hotter day by day while me get wetter because his hottness interfere my life and I can't deal with it. I also read Sehun's fanfic and it makes me more byuntae than ever! the fuck my life!!! 

EXO 90:2014

gawd, he look like Jack Dawson from Titanic hereee!!!

jeezzz BIAS(s) IN ONE PICTURE MAKE ME cri hard!!! 

I swear he's fucking hot here he's really got me crazy I'm going to hunt for him!!! 

the urge to kiss him badly........♡♡♡
see, I never feel this byuntae before so blame oppa!!!


puberty hits him harRRRRdddDDD!!! 
puberty, please hit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-the end-
p/s; 2 days to go

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