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The only thing you'll be sorry in the future is to do things without a purpose. Be rich, not only on numbers but focus more on experiences. Be strong, to know that failures are the keys to success. Be kind, it's our responsibility to build a better world. Be thankful, and you'll find happiness in little things. Greater things are waiting ahead, all you need is to believe, look forward and stay positive.

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exam-end f4-

assalamualaikum semua!

nearly 4am and I still awake. tomorrow is a school day but because my internet will end today (not sure when) so I want to use all of it until the end. 

I have a few days more until 1 october. you know how depress I am? 
our class (account) kena buat kerja kursus which also kena submit on 1 oct. but 99% my classmates tak siap sebab banyak bahan baru dapat. but luckily thanks alot to a few classmates who helps me a lot especially shamsul & kamarul. without you guys I'll not able to finish it clean & clear! I'm so lighthearted because now I can focus more on study for the last time. tbh, I didnt feel uneasy like before but it more like excitement. 

before this, I made a promise with Belle that we'll do something proud for ourself in f4 which regarding to improve our result and get some award ;') the last time I check, I only once/twice attend for kecemerlangan akademik in f1/2. fuck life before because I never pay any attention to hold a victory.

last day for bts-danger song play on my blog, now I changed my theme song already. its -Only U by Taetiseo. for me this song is somewhat so melancholy~ LoL

goodnight & goodmorning, Malaysia & WORLD! 
wishing me luck, hwaiting!

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