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The only thing you'll be sorry in the future is to do things without a purpose. Be rich, not only on numbers but focus more on experiences. Be strong, to know that failures are the keys to success. Be kind, it's our responsibility to build a better world. Be thankful, and you'll find happiness in little things. Greater things are waiting ahead, all you need is to believe, look forward and stay positive.

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Empty heart


hello there, long time no see! ahh, I just missed you all guys already. 
I hope all of my readers will always enjoy the days and facing a bright future! 

*may be rojak-languange*

I don't feel love or hate anymore towards someone I claimed as mine. 
I just feel nothing at all. It's complicated or I. myself is complicated. 
I don't know why can this ended up like this but that person said, it still not end yet. we still tied. 
I'm too busy to mind this but it always pop up in my head and force me to think what I've done ; what that person done and I start making a conclusion I want to ended up everything without reasons.

saw a few couples make me feel they all look like trash and they will regret everything they do it together soon. they'll feel all the memories is now placed at their ass. no place in their heart anymore. 

I am I too much for going this far???

I just feel that person is another person. too mature for me but sometimes that person can be more childness than me and it really a disgusting way to attract my attention. bring the old "that person" back if that person really want me to hold it again like we used to it before. I do not hate. I just feel empty. everything people thing that person sacrifice for me and how that person lower himself for me, but I just dont get what they or that person tried to make me understand because I feel otherwise. 

will I feel the warmth of love back? 

even I cant even think about the old us, it clear now how it go naturally from myself. how the love itself easy come and it can be so easily to go even we just a human with sense, we just can reach the true soul to gained people true love. 

stop the rumors, bitch. 

someone really get me out of the lines when she pretend to hear and try to fixed the problems together but she's the same person that try to destroy me ; relationship ; friendship . I never ever trust her but she, herself jump to my ; our business and she's the one who spread stupid fucking rumors. I really want to choking her until her teeth went out. dont regret if I show my other self. 

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