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For the first time in forever

assalamualaikum & selamat petang semua ;) ,

today was a very bland day for me , I guess . I keep telling myself that I was okay but suddenly my heart felt tears . . . ㅠㅠ
but for the first time in forever , I walk away from KTM to my house ! alone ! without anyone help ! yeah pretty sure I feel like both of my legs already fatigue but I'm so happy because I finally made it , by myself . before this I always complains of fatigue and this is really unfair . then I realized , if I keep remind myself that I can , I can and it will be true ! just put believe in yourself !
okay that's all make me happy today at this moment . 

okay , sense of regret began to arise in my heart right now . 
I actually need to buy something that REALLY important for me and I must get it as soon as possible because if not I totally freak out ! at first I already have enough money to buy it but I feel like "I have abandoned by someone" and my chance was totally limited so I has purchased a correction tape refill . because it have in one of my lists . so no doubt , that moment . then , my friend comes to me and yeah we went to sunway piramid then I concerned that I doesn't have enough money to buy that SO REALLY IMPORTANT thing ! then I think that my life recently was so bored because I doesnt have a novel to read, currently and I made a decision to go to popular bookstores . omg there's a crowd of people are waiting the gate to open at 3pm . they are doing something inside and I still waiting and waiting with a women and she looks so gorgeous. WOW . haha 
it was 3pm already but the gate was still not open yet and I feel like I want to broke the gate because I AM SO fed up . it's already 3pm ! and that gorgeous woman also mad . she rises her voice told the guard that already 3pm . and after 10 minutes of waiting , finally they opened the gate . 
I totally dizziness because I LOVE BOOKS ! I CAN SMELL BOOKS ! I CAN SMELL their price also -.- and I quickly going to the fiction A-Z's shelf . I want to look for one awesome novel that azmin give me read a bit and I found it . umm , has 2 books with similar title . and I re-read the synopsis and I make a decision to pick out ....

this one . 
sebenarnya dia ada lagi 2 buah buku sambungannya . yang ni the first one lah . 

thanks a lot azmin because introducing me to this . slightly hooked , haha ! 

and hey kids , if you think you'll looks so cool by reading this books , just forget it . seriously it is not appropriate to you . I already realized but I just bored reading a teen novel . LOLs . 


and I realized , I don't have enough money to buy that important thing ............ okay I totally crazy ! thanks to my weird mind . hahaha .

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