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The only thing you'll be sorry in the future is to do things without a purpose. Be rich, not only on numbers but focus more on experiences. Be strong, to know that failures are the keys to success. Be kind, it's our responsibility to build a better world. Be thankful, and you'll find happiness in little things. Greater things are waiting ahead, all you need is to believe, look forward and stay positive.

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Hari ini

assalamualaikum semua , 

hari ni pergi latihan choral speaking kat sekolah . btw, I did not expect they'll choose me to be their conductor . ahh , well , I really happy but I never be a conductor for choral speaking before , but I've been a conductor for choir about 2 years something and yea so I am in really awkward situation . I've made A LOT of mistakes and it's really bring me down . I really make a shame of myself and I think people start think I am annoying and weird to be their lead . WOW ! 

latihan habis pada jam 10 pagi . Thank you everyone for choosing me but if you guys want to choose another conductor to lead you all I am okay ;) I also really want to stand with you guys and show my expression to judges . so , this is some random selfie and picture . 

my ninja garl , fasihah aiman <3

my honey bunny <3 aqilah 

my twin ! dorang belajar kat kv shah alam sekarang . I really RINDU SETENGAH MATI dengan dorang . ye la , masa form 1 / 2 selalu menari kpop sama-sama :"( Ya Allah rindunya ! even kiteorang ada salah faham , tapi dorang selalu face to face selesaikan semuanya . takde kutuk-kutuk teruk sangat . and sebabkan perangai dorang yang bersifat terbuka time salah faham la yang buatkan aku suka kawan dengan diorang . kiteorang dah kenal sejak sekolah rendah . tapi rapat tak rapat je la . masa masuk sekolah menengah baru rapat . last year form 3 , aku duduk depan dorang . memang makin rapat la kiteorang . 

Happy birthday kerol , HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BRO ! thank you for duduk sebelah me in class coz no one want to duduk sebelah me . they said I am crazy and always study no time for gossiping but you cool ! thankyou ! happy sweet sixteen *nada suara mamat bangla cakap malay*

and ya , thank you for reading my blog ! sampai sini je la cerita sebab ingatkan harini boleh jadi best day in 1st march but haram . 

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