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The only thing you'll be sorry in the future is to do things without a purpose. Be rich, not only on numbers but focus more on experiences. Be strong, to know that failures are the keys to success. Be kind, it's our responsibility to build a better world. Be thankful, and you'll find happiness in little things. Greater things are waiting ahead, all you need is to believe, look forward and stay positive.

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satu cerita - # part 9

assalamualaikum . 

an entry in the cold midnight , aight . 

when you first meet someone , its new & exciting . then when you start a new relationship , its fun & stress free . but look , the first few months of a relationship are always easy. eventually the jealousy will kick in , the clingy-ness will show itself , the arguments will come out of no where and trust issues will suprise you . shits gonna get real . that's when you get too see whether or not they're willing to stick around & make it work . most people leave at this point . but if you have someone willing to stay , despite the stress & the bullshits , get your shit together . She needs you . the last thing she needs is for you to leave her just like everyone else because she's too difficult to deal with . she isn't close to her friends anymore and she doesn't depend on them like before . she can't go to her family because they don't understand her . out of everyone in her life , you are the one she closest to , believe it or not . you are the one who understands her . she depends on you to be there for her , because if the tables were turned , she would never leave you ... , no matter how crazy you get . :') 

// cerita merapu ini adalah rekaan semata-mata dan diadaptasi daripada imaginasi pemilik blog ini . sekian // 

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