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TIPS // How to fit in at a new school

assalamualaikum :)

maybe some of our friends will move on to their new school this new year . or maybe you also will going to your new school . moving to a new school can be intimidating, but this article will help you initially. you won't be a new kid like forever , huh . so it's time to get acquainted ! beware : long entry ! 

Lets follow steps by steps ! 
1. First, take a day to appreciate your environment.

You won't fit in at school if you don't know the school. Ask where places are or ask for a school map.

2. Be reasonably nice to everyone. 

Be nice to adults, teenagers and kids alike, because they might just be your next teacher or friend.

3. Get to know your teachers.

Talk to them and find out more about them. See how strict or lenient they are, and test their limits. Just don't go too far, or you may end up getting in trouble (adding to your reputation, but you still get in trouble).

4. You need to make friends.

Talk to different people, but don't ignore a certain group. Be yourself and don't lie. This is YOUR school now ... take a chance on being who you weren't at your old school.

5. Pay attention in class. 

Teachers always pay attention to new students.

6. If your first day in the school is the first day of the new year, then some people will notice you, especially if it is a small school.

When people talk to you, don't be nervous, but don't be too loud. Be confident and make eye contact. However, sometimes you may need to make yourself loud so that you will get noticed, and but try not to constantly attract attention to yourself. Don't worry too much about what people think of you; you'll over-analyze the situation and they might judge you for that. Be genuine, be yourself, and be nice to everyone, no matter how mean they may appear at first. It's usually always the 'girl/guy that I hated at my new school' that ends up being my friend after a little sincerity. But then again, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself if it's very clear that you should.

7. Don't worry about getting to know the school too much.

Know where your locker is and have a map in case of emergencies, but whenever possible, ask the person sitting near you where something is. It's a good way to talk to people and meet a lot of people on your first day, - you're the new kid now, - tell people that you are whenever you need some help.

8. When you talk to those of the opposite sex, don't flirt too much before finding out if they're already with someone.

Once one person hates you, their entire group will hate you too. Remember these people grew up together, so it's their obligation to defend their lifelong friends. Be nice, and optimistic, even if there happens to be an annoyance. They might even let you be the annoyance to another new kid someday, it usually takes a year and a half, but they'll come around. Always remember to make a good first impression but it's also important to be yourself.

9. For your first lunch, talk a lot to people in the class right before lunch.

Usually, they will ask you if you're sitting with anyone, but if not, steer the topic towards school lunch (as in is the food good etc) If no one specifically mentions eating together, but you're walking to the cafeteria together, then it's implied that you'll eat lunch together.

10. For the first week at your new school, be nice to everyone and talk to everyone, even if they seem weird.

They could always know people you'd rather be friends with or introduce you to more people. However, if they are hated by everyone, then it is advised not to become best friends with them unless you really want to, don't get too into people, hang out with everyone, and make sure you know a group or person well enough before deeming them your friend, - it's usually always the most tricky, manipulative people that talk to you at first, and it's usually those who just talk to you later on, at the back of the classroom who are there for you later on.

11. Pay attention in class and try hard in school.

If someone passes a note or whispers something to you, ignore them so you can pay attention to the teacher.

12. Join a few clubs or sports and make more friends in this way.

Make sure you are committed to that sport or club.

13. After you've talked to someone a few times, ask for their contact information.

Even better, ask them to do something over the weekend.

14. Please the other kids.

While you don't want to be a complete kiss-up, kids like the people who will cooperate with them. If they ask you a favor, do it. Don't be too gullible, - people will sometimes even push your buttons to test what your 'limits' are, - like testing the waters. Just make sure you confidently (maybe even with a big smile on your face)... reply 'reasonably'. Like if they call you a "jerk" , - ask them why they called you a jerk. If they accuse you of something you didn't do, reply by saying you've never done whatever it is they are accusing you of, and then ask them who had say that.

15. Be consistently level-headed inside and out, and don't over-think people or situation.

Work hard on the determination to fit in while still being yourself. The first couple of weeks are always confusing.

other tips may help you :)
 If you move during the school year, you will get more attention for longer periods of time. But, be aware that everyone will be talking about you (not necessarily in a bad way) because you're the only thing interesting going on.

 The clothes you wear don't necessarily have to fit in with the trends at your school ! People are drawn to things that are different, but this can get you either bad or good attention. Always be intuitive to the people around you, and for a while, keep your style toned down. But don't be a carbon-copy! If there's nothing about you that stands out, nobody will feel the urge to bother to get to know you.

 People will ask you many questions. Answer them, but don't ramble. In turn, ask questions about the school and the students. If someone is talking about someone you don't know, ask questions to clarify basic points, but listen to what they say.

 On your first day, wear clothes you like, but if you have a very distinct style, tone it down. Keep it simple, you don't want to alienate people just because of your clothes.

 If you do, you might make new friends. Even if its not the first day try to talk to people but not too much or they will not really like you.

 The cardinal rule of being the new kid is that you're new. Everyone already has friends. They don't need you as a friend. The only thing you have going is the novelty of being a new kid. This will wear off within the end of your first month, so make the best of it.

 If you have a locker next to someone you made a bad encounter with the first time you met them, try and talk to them, they may have been having an off day.

 You need to force yourself into a group; even if it feels awkward, keep trying.

do not ! 
 If you had a bad reputation at your old school, don't talk about your past. Just pretend it never happened and make sure not to make the same mistakes at your new school.

 Don't be obnoxious. It's good to jump in and let people know you're there, but allow them to get a word in too.

 Try to avoid drama if you can.

 Don't be negative. People don't like a Debbie-Downer. A way to avoid this is to think positively about every situation.

the important steps is , just be yourself even it is awkward to act the same way like at your old school . I mean your attitude . and give a try to be positve . it is maybe hard to be a positive person if someone dumb you at your new school . I hope this new year , may be your good starting :)


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