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a few days before 2014 . . .

assalamualaikum readers :)

my fav book ever ! the fault in our stars . you shld read em . John Green you did a great job , huh . 

actually I dont have any ideas to make an entry now but I really dont want to lose my glitterati status :( wtf the name similar geli-geli so hard to pronounce . heh. 

yeah , just leave a few days before new year . I aint ready yet oh no I am aging ! ! ! everyone too . some people think form 4 was a honeymoon year for us . but hell , who can tell me how to enjoy ? I dont know what happen next . is there my life better than before , do Im doing well or vice versa . . . hey , this is will be a long entry . 

nobody can see their future . but that is what all people want ! just in case if our life was bad we can change it , at least . but this is world . where there is evil and good one . we can know just guess . sometimes people who so close is who deserter . well , it life . 

I am not done yet with my 2014 wish . dont make a lot of wish kalau effort pun takde . but yeah , make a lot of wish just to reminds myself that I've incomplete wish so I need to complete it . so takde lah nampak macam hangat-hangat tahi ayam even sometimes we failed to follow .

one more is , I don't know yet what I want to be in future . I mean my ambition . when I am kid , I told everyone that I want to be a doctor . bcs my dad want me to be a doctor so I can open my own hospital & treat my family . free of charge . but when I am 10-12 years old something , I told everyone I want to be an archaeologists bcs I really did a good job in subject sejarah . but my mom seems no likey with that bcs malaysia tak popular dengan kerjaya arkeologi so then how can you get a job ? unless that was a popular career. if you know what I mean . then now I want to be a doctor back . I really want ! I am serious . quite good in science but HELL NO to math . we know science & math are related ! ! ! I AM TOTALLY OUT :'( 
then I am stuck & my mind was zero . next year need to choose course . that day I take my result , I choose pure science class for my 1st choice then 2nd is ACCOUNT . what the hell I am thinking about that time oh Idk . 
my result seems so suitable for sastera class . I do like but not my mum . my result not too worst thats why I am able to apply science class :p dont underestimate . but what I could be one day if I enter sastera class ? TEACHER ? oh no ! I don't wanna be a teacher even though it is a noble job . 

so , I am stop thinking & relax . this is holiday mayn . if I didnt enjoy then when I will meet my holiday again ? WHEN ? takes a long time to meet again so dah cuti tu buat cara cuti ! then after this work like you'll die tomorrow . nawh . . .

okbai :)) pardon my grammar mistakes if you see . daaa 

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