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14 times I jealous of Park Shin Hye

assalamualaikum semua . 

uhuks , sejak cuti panjang ni aku banyak habiskan masa dengan tengok k-drama je . 
so, tade lah bosan sangat duduk rumah .....
banyak jugak k-drama yang aku tengok dalam sehari . hahahaha ! 
sekarang dah tak boleh berhenti daripada tengok k-drama . kalau sehari tak tengok rasa macam ........... ugh :'( hahahahahaha 

aku rasa siapa yang minat k-drama mesti kenal dia . she is PARK SHIN  HYE . 
aku minat dia sangat-sangat . dah la cantik . comel . lepastu aku jeles dengan dia sebab dia dapat berlakon cerita yang asyik kena rebut dengan lelaki handsome pulak tu ! ugh  

cerita terbaru dia heirs kan lee min ho oppa dengan kim woobin suka kat dia . serius sakit hati ............................................ ugh

Park Shin Hye is one of the hottest young Korean actresses around, with her repertoire of hit dramas including You're BeautifulHeartstringsFlower Boy Next Door, and the upcoming Kdrama Heirs. I love/hate her. Ok, 'hate' is a strong word. I suppose the real word here is 'jealous'. So here are 14 times I couldn't help but be totally jealous of Park Shin Hye.

1. The time she got to pose with Lee Jong Suk, who really is just the cutest.

jong suk oppa the cutest ! tengok dia dalam running man pergh gila melting .........

2. The time she dressed up like a boy and still looked hot.

ni dalam cerita he's beautiful . dia berlakon sebagai goh mi nam . 
he's beautiful is the first k-drama yang aku tengok dan ianya sangat daebak !!!

3. The time she had the most gorgeous hair.

4. The time she almost kissed Kim Hyun Joong.

5. The time she had a perfect, sexy stomach.

6. The time Lee Min Ho oppa put her makeup on for her.

oppa , why !!! :'<

7. The time she shared the back seat with Yoon Si Yoon.

8. The time she had perfect skin.

9. The time she was adored by countless fans.

10. The time she shared headphones with Jang Geun Suk.

11. The time Jung Yong Hwa finally got the girl.

12. The time she had the best legs.

13. The time she leaned on Yoon Kye Sang.


14. The time Lee Min Ho oppa put his arm around her and said, "It's ok, Baby" in Heirs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*crying ...........................*

now watching heirs .... serius tak senang duduk . aku pulak yang emo lebih . hahaha
lee min ho serius daebak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kenapa handsome sangat . dia buat aku tak boleh tidur malam . hahahahahaha 

okbai (: 

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