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Ways of Improving Your English

Assalamualaikum , 

This is the way , how to improve and enhance your skills in english.

One ! - Use The Language 

There are no shortcuts to learning a language - one has to totally immerse oneself in the said language to learn it. Thus , practise speaking English at home, in school and everywhere you go. If you are shy, begin with words and phrases. Then, insert a sentence or two. Soon , you will be more confident speaking in English ! :)

Two ! - Be Independent Learners 

Do not merely rely on your school teachers to help you improve your command of English. Your teachers only see you two to three times per week and that is not enough for you to acquire the language. You need to read on your own . =>

Three ! - Read , Read and Read ! 

There are plenty of good reading materials out there. Start with reading about things that you are interested in, before moving on to other sources of reading materials. For more serious reading, try reading letters to the Editor in the newspaper. You will learn how to express your opinions, support your main ideas and give suggestions. As you read, try guessing the meaning of words you do not know. Do not keep referring to the dictionary unless you really cannot understand the text effectively.

Four ! - Invest in a Good Dictionary 

Many of you probably own a few dictionaries at home, but they are lying there collecting dust -__- Make use of them ! 
Also, buy one that is portable so that you can take it to school daily. Choose one that has examples of sentences and usage. Do not buy a dictionary that only gives a word or two of explanation.

Five ! - Keep a Vocabulary Notebook 

This really works : write down words and phrases that you learn each day. You can do this alphabetically or according to usage. Make the notebook interesting - draw mind maps, insert pictures and add colours. Take it with you wherever you go. Add new entries daily.

Six ! - Keep a Journal 

In order to improve your ability to use English, you also have to write daily. Set aside at least 10 minutes to do this, either at the end of the day or while waiting for your teacher in class. Get a nice notebook for this. Once you got the hang of this, you will soon develop a flair for writing in English ! 

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